Sun Cable Australia-Asia PowerLink

Globally, a substantial energy transition is underway as we plan, develop and innovate for our net-zero emissions future.

The project

Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink project is seeking to generate, store and transmit renewable electricity to Australian and Asian markets by developing the world's largest solar energy infrastructure network in the Barkly Region of the Northern Territory.

The $30+ billion project, which has received Major Project Status with the Northern Territory and Australian Governments and incorporated on Infrastructure Australia’s Priority Listing, will integrate a 17-20 GWp solar farm, a 36-42 Gwh battery with over 5,000 km of over-head and subsea transmission lines.

Electricity transmission is expected for Darwin by 2026. By 2027 the project could supply 15 per cent of Singapore's power supply.

Attracting and securing investment in the Territory is critical to economic growth and job creation. This project has the potential to create 1500 jobs during the construction phase and 350 operational jobs.


Australia receives an average of 58 million PJ of solar radiation per year, approximately 10 000 times larger than its total energy consumption.

The Barkly Region is one of the most consistently sunny places on earth with very flat land suitable for solar panels and close to railway corridor for transmission of electricity and transport of equipment.

A significant capital raise milestone of $210 million was achieved in early 2022 and the project is already engaging local contractors and will seek to manufacture prefabricated solar farm technology in Darwin and Adelaide.

The subsea cables will be laid between Darwin and Singapore, using large specially designed cable-laying ships.

Once all environmental approvals are issued, construction will take up to four years and is expected to commence in 2024. Sun Cable will also be required to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and a Territory Benefit Plan.

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Sun Cable's Australia-Asia Power Link project

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