Natural gas as a low-carbon energy source has a critical role in the Territory's sustainable economic future and in global net zero emission transitions by 2050.

The Territory's world-class gas resources are poised to meet growing demand for cleaner, affordable transition fuel sources, both domestically and internationally. Natural gas is central to sustainable energy mix transitions that will deliver increased investment, innovation and multi-generational economic benefits as part of our journey to net zero emissions by 2050.


Investing in the Territory

"Opportunities that lay ready and waiting in one of Australia’s and the world’s best kept secrets. Where big ideas mean big success"

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Off-shore infrastructure at night time

Planning the Middle Arm Sustainable Development precinct

A globally competitive, sustainable precinct with a focus on low emissions advanced manufacturing, petrochemicals, renewable hydrogen, carbon capture storage and minerals.

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Workers in a group wearing hard-hats

Development of Middle Arm's Kittyhawk Estate

View the first phase of development, with entrance roads established into Kittyhawk Estate

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Welding a gas pipe

INPEX Acil Allen

Inpex operated excess LNG is creating multi-generational social and economic benefits for the northern territory.

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Inpex gas lpg ships and port
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