Climate Change Response

Climate change is happening now and will continue to occur affecting our communities, industries, ecosystems and economies.

The Territory Government is committed to climate change action to maximise the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Territorians. In July 2020, the Climate Change Response: Towards 2050 and three-year action plan was released, built around four key objectives:

  1. Reducing emissions to achieve net zero emissions target by 2050
  2. Building a resilient Territory that adapts and responds to the impacts of climate change
  3. Unlocking the opportunities from a low-carbon future
  4. Informing and involving all Territorians in the climate change response

Our response acknowledges climate change is not just an environmental issue. We need to come together as a community to respond to and manage risk, transform the way we do business, embrace new opportunities and make bold decisions in all that we do.

It also recognises that climate change action brings new opportunities and benefits for Territorians in ways which embrace and safeguard our unique environmental, cultural, social and community values.

Where does Territory gas fit in?

Our world-class natural resources are set to be centre-stage in providing low-carbon, climate action solutions across the globe. As a low carbon energy source, Territory gas will:

  • lead international gas supply, supporting increasing demands for cleaner, affordable transition fuel sources
  • enable development of a low-emissions advanced manufacturing sector
  • support development of renewable energy solutions and decarbonisation innovations.

So we're acting now, accelerating gas-led growth opportunities to realise our sustainably driven economic future, delivering new jobs and local business opportunities for all Territorians.

Climate Change Response: Towards 2050

Find out more about the Climate Change Response Towards 2050.

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