Sustainability and responsibility

The Territory Government is committed to protecting our precious and unique environment, minimising the impacts of development ensuring an economic, environmental and socially responsible decision-making basis, for the benefit of all Territorians.

Together we must respond to the challenges of a changing climate in ways which manage risk, contemporise the way we do business, embrace innovation and bold decision making to empower a sustainable economic future. We must pursue industry development pathways that embrace and safeguard our unique environmental, cultural, social and community values.

We're accelerating initiatives that support pursuit of net-zero emissions targets, while offering companies a strong competitive and strategic advantage to doing business here, by:

  • adopting new technologies
  • accelerating low carbon industries
  • driving research and innovation
  • championing knowledge-building and learning from Aboriginal Territorians providing stewardship of the Territory
  • implementing an ambitious reform agenda through the Climate Change Response and Three Year Action Plan.

Realising the competitive advantages of our resources sector and achieving sustainable gas-led industry growth will enable us to:

  • support demands for cleaner, affordable transition fuel sources
  • establish local low-emissions advanced manufacturing industries
  • be a leader in global pursuits of a net-zero emissions future
  • generate future-focused jobs and create long-term opportunities for the Territory

As we move into this exciting new economic era we’re working with community, local business, industry and the Australian Government to accelerate our decarbonisation agenda and drive sustainable economic growth to create significant long-term opportunities for all Territorians for generations to come.

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