Expand Darwin's world scale LNG hub

The Territory has the opportunity to be a major global gas supplier, delivering on increasing demands for clean, affordable energy and creating long-term economic growth and more jobs for Territorians.

With proven gas reserves offshore, significant shale gas resources onshore and global recognition as an LNG exporter of choice, the Territory has all the ingredients to play a leading role in Australia’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) expansion plans.

With a fully established and globally significant LNG export hub, the Territory is Australia's third largest producer, supporting Australia's 2020 crown as the largest global exporter of LNG.

Wood MacKenzie recently forecast global LNG demand will double to more than 800 million tonnes per annum by 2050, with the majority of this expected to be consumed in Asia. The report showcases Australia’s trio of export attractiveness built on our close proximity to Asia, sturdy regulatory and investment environment and underpinned by world-class energy resources.

The Darwin LNG and Ichthys LNG projects supply over 10 per cent of Japan's and Taiwan's annual global LNG imports.

Territory's gas exports currently generate more than 20 per cent of our gross state product.

What are we doing?

With expansion opportunity sites available for five additional LNG trains, building on export expertise and driving expansion opportunities will provide more jobs and greater economic contributions to the Territory.

With 126 countries committed to 2050 net zero emission targets, covering 63 per cent of global emissions, capitalising on growing international demand for low-carbon energy sources positions the Territory for growth in a net-zero emissions future.

Balancing energy intensive local industry expansion with decarbonisation innovations a vital component to sustainable development.

Collaborative planning for our emerging carbon offset industry, including consideration of a large-scale Low Emission Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) Hub, is underway through a partnered approach with industry, leading research institutions and other government agencies.

Carbon offset industry

As part of our sustainable gas-led growth journey, incorporation of a local carbon offset industry and decarbonisation innovations is vital.

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