Accelerating low-emission manufacturing in the Territory

Federal Budget funding is accelerating some of the Territory’s largest projects with $2 billion investment in marine, road and rail infrastructure.

Enabling infrastructure investments will be a catalyst in the transformation of Middle Arm Peninsula into a globally competitive, sustainable gas-based manufacturing precinct with a focus on low emission petrochemicals, renewable hydrogen, carbon capture storage and minerals processing.

Paving the way for fast-tracked activation of Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct is:

  • a $1.5 billion investment in marine infrastructure on the Middle Arm Peninsula. This includes the building a modular offloading facility (MOF) and common user wharf, as well as widening the shipping channel for port access to the precinct.
  • an additional $200m to deliver land based components including upgrades to roads, building a rail spur through the precinct and the development of a new road network for the industrial subdivision.
  • a $300m investment driving the development of a carbon capture and storage hub to realise low emissions manufacturing and clean hydrogen production within the precinct.

Co-creation of a sustainable precinct will pave the way for local industry growth in a net-zero emissions world with the potential to attract over $20 billion in investment and create over 15000 direct and indirect jobs.

Gas-based processing and manufacturing uses natural gas to create products such as fertilisers, explosives, paper, plastics and chemicals. This delivers everyday products such as bricks, glue, clothing, eyeglasses, phones, food wrapping, medicines and medical equipment like MRI machines and prostheses.

With increasing demand products created from sustainable manufacturing and supply chains, a dedicated low-emission precinct is a significant growth opportunity for the Territory.

Environmental considerations are paramount in planning for the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct. Referral of the project was submitted to the NTEPA during February as the first stage of assessment under the Environment Protection Act to ensure the project reduces, mitigates and offsets potential environmental impacts.

Find out more about development of the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct.

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