Tennant Creek to Darwin Infrastructure Corridor

The Tennant Creek to Darwin Infrastructure Corridor project aims to enable development of the natural gas industry in the Territory along with capability and capacity to support future emerging projects.

The corridor could be used for pipelines and utilities. The potential width of the corridor will take into account minimum offsets and clearances required for construction, operations and maintenance.

The opportunity

Consolidation of infrastructure services minimises potential impacts on land that could occur through ad hoc development. The most cost effective corridor alignment is a straight route as the cost / kilometre for the combined infrastructure is significant. The ‘best fit’ corridor takes into account other constraints including:

  • engineering: elevation, slope, ground conditions and stream / river crossings
  • environmental: habitat, endangered flora and fauna and vegetation
  • social impact: zoning, land use, cultural heritage, protected sacred sites and tenure
  • infrastructure: built environment, utilities and roads.


Studies and detailed planning have commenced to identify an optimal infrastructure corridor from Tennant Creek to Darwin.

Planning will consider co-location of potential infrastructure services including multiple high-pressure pipelines and services including water and communications. Next steps will involve preliminary alignment investigations to confirm constructability, followed by approval and clearances to secure a corridor.

The preferred corridor plan is subject to engagement with all relevant landowners and key stakeholders that are on the proposed corridor alignment.

Prefeasibility study

Find out more about the Tennant Creek to Darwin pipeline and infrastructure corridor prefeasibility study.

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