Our culture

In the Territory we care more about where someone is going… rather than where they’re from.

Thinking big is nothing new. It’s what we do. We have an ambitious goal to build a $40 billion sustainable economy by 2030 and end the boom or bust cycles of past.

The Territory is a dynamic and eclectic place with each city and town having its own unique charm. From the Top End to Central Australia, Arnhem Land to the Barkly region - no two places are the same.

We are proud of what makes us exceptional and champion safeguarding our unique environmental, cultural, social and community values.

The way the nation sees the Territory has shifted too – we're being noticed and for all the right reasons.

The Territory is a land alive and inspiring where we don’t just dream of achieving, we thrive on it.

Our vision for growth

We have a vision for the future and know how to get there.

The Territory’s growth agenda is targeted at private investment into key industries where the Territory has competitive advantages. Exciting new industries including renewable energy, low emissions manufacturing, carbon offset industries, space and digital are joining our existing key sectors to transform our future. People can feel and see that things are changing.

We’re planning like never before to champion our competitive advantages and unique opportunities most likely to succeed.

Businesses are investing here, making things here and creating jobs here. People are moving here. To capitalise, we're rolling out the red carpet because we want everyone to know we’re open for business. We're driving ambitious, future-focused investment opportunities that enable industry to invest today knowing the Territory is committed to future-proofed development.

We punch above our weight – the Territory has never been more important to Australia’s economic and strategic future and to global transitions to cleaner energy sources - we know this is OUR time.

The Territory - Boundless Possible

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