Resources Week reinforces commitment to net zero transition

The Gas Taskforce participated in an array of presentations, industry engagement and panel facilitation opportunities at the South East Asia Australia Offshore and Onshore Conference (SEAAOC), part of the Northern Territory Resources Week.

SEAAOC is Northern Australia’s largest conference and brings together major players from Australasia’s oil, gas and petroleum industries

The Hon Nicole Manison, Deputy Chief Minister, Minister for Mining and Industry and Minister for Northern Australia and Trade kicked off Resources Week with a very strong show of support for the resources sector, and the diverse initiatives that the Territory Government are pursuing to maximise value for Territorians in our transition to a net zero emissions future.

The Hon Madeleine King, Minister for Resources and Minister for Northern Australia reinforced the importance of unlocking the transition pathways towards net zero in her opening address. Minister King acknowledged the importance of the oil and gas industry to keeping our lights on, our workshops operating and in accelerating innovation across renewables at scale, CCUS, battery technology and hydrogen sectors.

Alister Trier Gas Taskforce Chairman and Project Director Simon Flowers provided an update on supercharging development of the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct, underpinned by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) framework.

The ISCA framework is a voluntary, third-party assured assessment to improve the productivity and liveability of industry and communities through sustainability in infrastructure. Sustainable infrastructure is about designing, constructing and operating infrastructure that allows society to adapt and optimise to changing social, ecological and economic outcomes in the long-term.

Hannah Barraza, Executive Director of the Gas Taskforce provided a land allocation framework update as part of activating Middle Arm. From assessment considerations, due diligence to approvals and site allocations, a tangible pathway to land tenure is being fast tracked to provide certainty for emerging projects that align with the Territory’s net zero emissions future.

Dr Howard Smith, Director Gas Taskforce presented on the latest global trends in building decarbonised industrial hubs, including the Territory’s proposed carbon capture, utilisation and storage hub, discussing the immediate challenges and significant opportunities ahead that will accelerate the Territory’s energy transition and create new sectors and new jobs for Territorians.

Accelerating transition-related investments in research, innovation and technology were strongly showcased throughout the presentations and within the exhibition hall, reinforcing industry’s commitment to unlocking our clean energy future.

Resources Week also provided the opportunity for the Northern Territory Low Emission Hub Business Case Project members, including CSIRO, government and industry partners to come together on the advancing Territory business case and the broader decarbonisation agenda, almost one year since its establishment. The partnership is advancing potentially the largest CCUS project in the world to support decarbonisation of existing industry, enable low-emissions hydrogen production and to support our transition to a net zero emissions future.

Delegates acknowledged an unprecedented sense of collaboration across industry, research bodies and government in coming together to address our decarbonisation challenges, revolutionise how our industry operates and to harness the unprecedented opportunities ahead.

Find out more about how the Territory will optimise net zero transitions and sustainable outcomes across large-scale, integrated industrial sectors through realisation of the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct.

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