What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing uses gas as a low carbon energy source to create products such as fertilisers, explosives, paper, plastics and chemicals. This delivers everyday products such as:

  • bricks
  • clothing
  • bike helmets
  • eyeglasses
  • phones
  • airbags
  • medicines
  • fresh food packaging
  • MRI machines
  • prostheses.

Across Australia, manufacturing is a $100 billion industry which directly employs over 800,000 people.

Low-emissions manufacturing opportunities

Global demand is growing for carbon neutral products created from low-emissions manufacturing and supply chains.

Territory gas is the critical feedstock to establish a local low-emissions manufacturing industry. With onshore exploration advancing in the Beetaloo Sub-basin, this could see the gas-based manufacturing industry grow even faster.

More than 50 per cent of Australia’s two-way trade is with countries with net zero emissions targets, driving demand for products created from low-emissions manufacturing and supply chains.

The Territory has all the ingredients for a thriving low-emissions manufacturing sector with:

  • untapped proven gas reserves offshore and a world-class shale gas resource onshore
  • highly prospective geological storage to sequester carbon dioxide emissions
  • critical minerals reserves including copper, lithium, vanadium, rare earths, tungsten and cobalt
  • access to world class renewable energy sources
  • established construction, logistics and operations capability
  • proximity to international markets.

Low emissions manufacturing, using Territory gas feedstock, is estimated to deliver seven times the value per petajoule of gas to our economy, compared to LNG exports alone. Low-emissions manufacturing industries will also:

  • modernise industry
  • develop and attract a highly skilled workforce
  • boost local service and supply growth opportunities
  • deliver new research, innovation and high value production jobs.

Sector development

Accelerated planning is underway, working with industry and the Australian Government to transform Middle Arm into a globally competitive sustainable manufacturing precinct with a focus on low emission manufacturing, petrochemicals, renewable hydrogen, carbon capture storage and minerals processing.

Globally significant gas reserves in the Beetaloo Sub-basin could propel advanced manufacturing sector development and deliver long-term global gas supply potentials of international significance. Exploration and appraisals continue to show encouraging results. Industry analysis suggests that most exploration will be finalised by 2023 and the Australian Government is working to support accelerated final investment decisions by 2025 or earlier.

Middle Arm Sustainable Development precinct

A globally competitive, sustainable precinct with a focus on low emission petrochemicals, renewable hydrogen, carbon capture storage and minerals processing

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