Establish gas-based processing and manufacturing

Moving beyond our liquefied natural gas (LNG) export expertise to establish low-emissions gas-based processing and manufacturing sector will:

  • modernise Territory industry
  • create new jobs
  • develop highly skilled local workforces
  • deliver cutting edge research and innovation opportunities
  • respond to demands for cleaner, affordable transition fuel sources, domestically and internationally.

What is gas-based processing and manufacturing?

Gas-based processing and manufacturing uses natural gas to create products such as fertilisers, explosives, paper, plastics and chemicals. This delivers everyday products such as bricks, glue, clothing, eyeglasses, phones, food wrapping, medicines and medical equipment like MRI machines and prostheses.

Decarbonisation technologies are an essential component to commercialising gas-based processing and manufacturing development, while safeguarding our unique environmental, cultural and community values.

Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) is a critical enabler to realising sector development, recognised as a vital component in the global climate change action mix to achieve net-zero emissions targets.

Why establish gas-based processing and manufacturing in the Territory?

The Territory has all the ingredients for a thriving low-emissions gas-based processing and manufacturing sector with:

  • untapped proven gas reserves offshore and a world-class shale gas resource onshore
  • highly prospective geological storage in close proximity to sequester carbon emissions
  • critical minerals reserves including copper, lithium, vanadium, rare earths, tungsten and cobalt
  • access to renewable energy sources
  • established construction, logistics and operations capability
  • proximity to international markets.

Research also shows seven times the number of local jobs are created when gas is used as a low emissions feedstock for manufacturing, when compared with exporting alone.

More than 50 per cent of Australia's two-way trade is with countries with 2050 net zero emissions targets, and our trading partners are seeking carbon neutral products from low emissions manufacturing processes and supply chains.

What are we doing?

We're collaborating with industry and the Australian Government to transform Middle Arm Peninsula into a globally competitive, sustainable, gas-based processing and manufacturing precinct with a focus on low emission petrochemicals, renewable hydrogen, carbon capture storage and minerals processing.

Investors are preparing for the long-term energy transitions and we’re providing a future focused environment, underpinned by low emissions technologies.

Middle Arm Sustainable Development precinct

A globally competitive, sustainable precinct with a focus on low emission petrochemicals, renewable hydrogen, carbon capture storage and minerals processing.

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